Water Patty

Water Patty


8 water glass flour,

5 eggs,

1 tea spoons salt,

some warm water,

a large portion of a pound of cheddar,

a large portion of a bundle parsley,


Step by step instructions to Make Water Patty:

Flour, eggs, salt and with warm water manipulated somewhat hardened batter. Altogether massaged mixture for 60 minutes rest. After 9 is equivalent organs done. These organs somewhat thick fly up 7 sheet of mixture where clean laid independently. The rest of the 2 sheet of mixture one very much oiled enormous cycle a plate laid. Other sheet of batter for the most recent up 4 collapsing set aside. Meanwhile enormous a pot water filled bubble and put somewhat salt. In a pot loaded with chilly water. Mellow dry sheet of batter one by one prior boiling point water after expelled taken chilly water is taken. Deplete abundance water and the plate is laid. On each sheet of batter sprinkled with a little oil. Fourth sheet of batter cheddar and a blend of finely cleaved parsley,is put on an equivalent premise. Completing the prcess along these lines highest apportioned sheet of mixture bubbled laid. on the stove cooked on each side of the equivalent. After turn with the guide of a plate pastty put somewhat more oil in the plate and cooked in a similar way.

Great craving..


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